Traditional RX

Traditional Prescriptions

We’ve got just what the doctor ordered!

We aim to be your go-to pharmacists in Florida and Texas, and we work harder to do it. What distinguishes us from many other pharmacy groups is the individual attention you get from an independent provider, one that keeps patient health and satisfaction as its most important goal.

No long waits for your prescription

We take care to keep popular prescription drugs in stock – brand names such as Tamiflu, Eliquis and Lipitor, as well as most generics. In addition, we’re known for keeping a healthy supply of medications that our competitors usually have to order from outside sources. We keep our wait times as short as possible at the window, and also offer free delivery or shipment to your home – free of charge!

Full-service medication management

We offer all the benefits of traditional prescription providers, plus these personalized services:

  • Prescription advisors– We can help you manage your meds and tell you about any possible interactions.
  • Medication blister packs– We prepackage your daily medication doses, up to a month’s worth
  • Compounding pharmacy services– Get custom-formulated medications for your entire family and even your pets

Our pharmacists are totally committed to your wellbeing. We work with your healthcare provider to get prescriptions into your hands quickly and accurately.


  • New prescriptions
  • Refills
  • Transfers


Managing prescribed medications can be challenging.
We can help with the management of an adult or child’s prescriptions. To take the stress off of you, we provide solutions to help you easily manage your prescription drugs.


Search a database of common drugs online. Find out what they may treat and their drug interactions.